Wenceslas Square

A square filled with rich and substantial history. Wenceslas Square got its name from Saint Wenceslas, once the Duke of Bohemia but now elevated to Sainthood. After his death in 935 CE, stories and popular tales traveled around telling of his heroism which later granted him the title of Sainthood. But, many of us may know him now-a-days because of the very popular carol, “Good King Wenceslas”.

The square has continued to transform over hundreds of years, once being a bustling and grand horse market it is now filled with modern businesses and tourism. Because of its central location many have gathered over the years to rally for a cause, demonstrate allegiance to the community, or protest against the communist regime. Wenceslas Square has been a rallying point for Czechs in modern history. This is where Nazi’s barreled down in the beginning of WWII, the communist government was run (now the New National Museum Building), the Czechs first large-scale uprising against Communism was thwarted (the Prague Spring), and lastly the stage where the Velvet Revolution granted back the keys of the country to the citizens through a democratic process in 1989.

To walk through Wenceslas Square is to walk through the Czech’s history.

When visiting the square make sure to notice these sites:

  • The National Museum

  • Grand Hotel Europa

  • Balcony above Marks&Spencer

  • Kino Lucerna

  • Kino Svetizor

  • Paternoster Elevator

Once an old horse market transforme


Located: New Town of Prague - Prague 1 - Business / Cultural Square