Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge: Czech Translation [Karlův most ].

Established: 1357

UNESCO Site: Yes

A Brief History:

No trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Charles Bridge. This iconic symbol of Prague is a bridge was important to King Charles and the people of Prague because it connected both Old Town square and the Castle, it was actually the only means of crossing the Vlatva river until 1841. The bridge was decorated and with many original statues, but during the 18th century the statues were removed and later replaced by replicas.

There’s something special about being on Charles Bridge with little or maybe even no tourists. If you’re visiting anytime near an Equinox this is an absolute must, because you get the most beautiful shot of the sun rising behind the tower, the bridge goes east to west across the Vltava river. We like to take a run from Letna Park heading east towards Old Town and staying along the river path till Charles Bridge, then crossing the beautiful bridge to run up by the castle and then circling back to Letna Park to head home.

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