The best juxtaposition: A medieval city that warms your heart.

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  • EVERYTHING!!! Just kidding we have some good recommendations.

  • Nase Maso - The best meat in Prague 1, order a sausage! (PRICE)

  • Eska - The best breakfast, order Potatoes & Ash, and truly anything else can’t go wrong at Eska. (PRICE)

  • Lokal - The best pub food, order schnitzel with a side of potato salad and a beer, maybe 6 glasses if you’re a local!

  • Next Door - The best national dish, order Svíčková (braised beef bathed in a creamy vegetable sauce with a side of airy bread dumplings.


  • Charles Bridge - Walk across the 14th century bridge made with milk and eggs!

  • Old Town Square - Wind through the cobblestone streets to end up in Old Town Square where many have celebrated both loss and love.

  • Wenceslas Square - Once an old horse market turned meeting ground for Czechs to protesting against the Communist regime.

  • Jewish Quarter - An area dripping with remarkable history, fascinating legends and buildings with hidden gems.

  • Church of Lady Victorious - A pilgrimage sight for Catholics wanting to witness the pure and polished Baby Jesus doll.


  • National Theatre - Enjoy a nice performance, maybe a ballet, opera or drama. Tickets and details.

  • Farmers Market - Be sure to bring a bag or a basket like a local, because you will want to leave with wonderful produce and treats!

  • Convent of Saint Agnes - A beautiful convent founded in 1231 that holds amazing history and artwork.

  • Prague Castle - Be sure to visit both during the day (to visit St. Vitus Cathedral), but also at night (to walk down golden lane).

  • Stromovka Park - If you are wanting a nice stroll through the Kings old hunting grounds be sure to visit Stromovka.

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  1. Walk through Old Town using our linked audio walking guide!

    • Noticing the architecture range from Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo and modern Thai message parlors…)

  2. Charles Bridge at Sunrise

    • There’s something special about being on Charles Bridge with little or maybe even no tourists. If you’re visiting anytime near the Winter Solstice this is an absolute must, because you get the most beautiful shot of the sun rising behind the tower, the bridge goes east to west across the Vltava river. We like to take a run from Letna Park heading east towards Old Town and staying along the river path till Charles Bridge, then crossing the beautiful bridge to run up by the castle and then circling back to Letna Park to head home.

  3. A visit to the Butcher

    • For something close to Old Town visit Nase Maso and order one klobása (sausage) served with some amazing mustard and bread OR if you’re willing to venture outside of Prague 1 head over to our absolute favorite butcher The Real Meat Society and be sure to try the pulled pork sandwich and spectacular kobliha (donut!!).

  4. Best View: Letna Park at sunset near Hanavský Pavilon

  5. A night at the National Theatre (ballet is our fav!)

GOOGLE MAPS LINK   Time to Walk: 1 hour 30 minute  Time for Activities: 2 + hours


Time to Walk: 1 hour 30 minute

Time for Activities: 2 + hours