Snowfall in the local park

"I wanna leave this house singing" - Will Reagan

Since I was a child I always loved seeing the snow fall to the ground, softly and slowly. 

We live, maybe, one-hundred meters from a BEAUTIFUL park, Stromovka. The park is layered with wildlife, ponds, bridges and countless dogs leading the way for their owners. We love strolling through this park and taking in the sights, especially when it's just been dusted with snow.  

Stromovka already holds multiple sweet-memories for us:

  • Waiting hours on a bench (with all we owned) for our apartment to be cleared

  • Winter morning runs that burn your throat

  • Nanny duties: walking round and round while the kids rest in the stroller

  • Feeding the swans and duck friends

  • Meeting/greeting every lovely pup that walks my way

  • Exploring and picture taking

  • Etc. ETc. ETC.

Anything with a beating heart immediately grabs my attention. I yearn for more time with animals in their natural habitat. As a kid I used to sit outside, for hours on end, just watching and waiting for anything to cross my path (or I would SURELY try to cross theirs). 

As the snow fell on this day, the birds began to dance and cheer while whistling through the bushes in front of me. It's like each bird would dare the other to brave the big falling flakes. Finally when one mustarded up the courage the crowd would erupt with applause. I loved what I saw. I loved what I heard.

Thanks little birds for reminding me to take on the "big falling flakes".  

Recess for children in Prague usually consists of piling on the layers and chasing after one another in the local park. The excitement and joy surely heightens when it has just snowed. 

Truly, frozen in time.

The final weeks of winter have been the best of the season; cold but sunny, and sometimes snowy!

After many months of cold-wet darkness, I can happily say we both are anticipating the arrival of spring. Wahoo!  My heart begins to flutter as I see the tulip bulbs spring up from the dirt.

Much love winter, Bensey <3   

Ps. See you soon spring :)