The Alps and a snowfall worth chasing

"All that I know, is you caught me at the right time" - Kacey Mucsgraves

A cold and cozy weekend through the German and Austrian countryside.


WOW. Wow. wow. The Alps are just something magical. As we set out on our wintry weekend trip, I didn’t realize how lucky we were going to get with the fresh snowfall.

The previous week we spent with our dear friends (Patrick, Lea and Cheyenne) in and out of various European cities. We started the trip off in Paris for a quick birthday weekend celebration. Then, both Patrick and Lea stuck around to come play in Prague for a few days, which is always cherished because we absolutely love showing off this crazy-incredible city we get to call home! While Prague was amazing, we still hungered for another quick trip before their travels came to a close. We decided on a drive through the Alps heading towards Munich.

And that we did!


Saturday morning we woke up early to start driving so we could of course fit in a couple stops along the way. We spent the morning around a few unique and wonderful UNESCO sights, Old Town Regensburg and Regensburg Cathedral, both equally charming.


Next, we ventured through the countryside stopping to watch locals cross-country ski, creeks ripple through stones trying hard not freeze, and churches making the most of their wonderful exterior by adding a nice blanket of snow. After an eventful afternoon we took a quick detour through Salzburg to pickup Lea from her travels through Cesky Krumlov, Hallstatt and Salzburg.


Now the gang was all back together and ready for a night nestled between the mountains!

Shortly after arriving to our airbnb, we all excitedly hopped back into the car to find some dinner. We quickly came across the most classic German hotel with a nice little restaurant ready to serve us all. The meal was good, the interior was great, and the company was superb!!!


That night we played cards and transported back to our silly and daring youths. We stayed up many, many, hours challenging the loser of the game to any of a number of things. We filled these hours with laughter and love. Thank you my dear friends and darling husband.

We woke up the next morning still a little giddy about the night’s events and excited to wake up beneath these glorious mountains. On the road again and headed to Munich we passed through the most picturesque villages and wintery country scenes. Although Munich was the end destination we knew that upon arrival we would all be parting, today was the final day together.


After a beautiful day of driving, we arrived in Munich to do a quick run through of the city but sadly to also drop our friends at the airport for their departures back home. Thank you incredible snowfall for the most marvelous few days. We miss you sweet friends already!