@pdbenko came for a visit.

"Just think of the fun things we can do" - Taylor Swift

My forever friend, Patrick, called me a few weeks back and said within the week he was going to fly to Prague for a visit with Bensey.

My response, "YESSSSS!! Stay for the year."

He then went on and explained a sudden change with his job, which would give him a week or so to come visit. WOW. Immediately, I started to plan our week and how I should showoff this crazy-beautiful city we now call home.   

I must say the visit was exactly what we both needed; a little rejuvenation. Our time was filled with lots of laughter and lots of cafes. 

Patrick and I met while attending middle school, we were on the cross-country team together. As a unit we were both unsure and giddy about life and all its happenings. That statement still remains true today.  


During his visit, we spent most afternoons in cafes sipping something and doodling on something else. Except, one evening we decided to take/get *glamour* shots in-and-around the area where Ben and I have settled.    

My wonderful friend, thank you for your visit and the 147 times we were caught sprinting in hopes of catching the tram. Cheers to more cafe lounging and laughing. Bensey dearly misses you. Forever grateful for this lasting friendship.

BBC Live,

Kens <3