"I'll be the man, the man of your dreams if you say yes and be the woman I need" - The Walters

It's almost been a year of marriage for Bensey <3 

I love this man more and more everyday. As we both continue to grow with one another we see how brilliant marriage truly is. 

First, I want to tell the story about how Ben proposed. Guys it hilarious, but also tender on the heart. 

July 12, 2016 || Salt Lake City, Utah  

July 12, 2016 || 3:30pm || Driving to Salt Lake City to spend the evening at Margo and Andrew's place. 

Skipping to 30 minutes before the proposal.

10:15pm || As we were passing Liberty Park Ben asked if he could quickly pause the wonderful evening and go to a PokeStop (Google Pokemon Go Terms). I simply say no. He then asked again and again. I personally thought it would be a bad end to a great day. Finally, he just pulls over, grabs my hand and leads me out the door towards the park. Ben has his phone out and is catching everything. As we began walking up a hill I hear people coming at us talking about candles under this pergola. I immediately thought, "ok people are little bizarre about Pokemon Go". At the top of the hill we looked down to see probably 40 people at this PokeStop. Ben is pulling me at this point to keep walking with him. We get to a bridge, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see someone reaching for his pocket! I honestly, 100%, thought a Poke person was trying to steal his wallet. But no, it was Margo with the ring. She quickly slipped him the ring, and then I knew. I started to cry, lots. 

As Ben lead me towards the scattered candles I began to realize my reality. Benjamin Paul Meyer was soon to be my fiancé. I had known the answer to his question for quite some time. Yes.

Ben knelt in front of me and, merely reflected on our time together, talked about the future he wanted to share and asked for my hand in marriage. Again the answer was a simple, yes <3

As soon as he jumped up to kiss me Pokemon people started to cheer, and Margo ran in for hugs. What a wonderfully weird proposal. He wanted it to be a surprise, and that it was. 

My emotions were shot. I was over-thrilled to be engaged to my best friend. But something was off, and Ben could tell. I was a little shaken, because I went from being frustrated with him, to oh so happy to be engaged to him. In my head, I always thought of a proposal with just the two of us, alone. No Pokemon audience.

When we got back into the car Ben leaned over and kissed me. He pushed back the front seat and tried his hardest to kneel. As he proposed again, scrunched up on the floor of the CR-V I feel completely and utterly in love with him again. He knew this was the intimate moment I had imagined. We sat there teary eyed and tickled.


The two proposal stories that I love so much <3