"Change is hard, I should know" - She & Him

Things are changing, so I thought I would start sharing moments from our past, present and future.

First, Bensey is moving to Prague. 

Ben just boarded his flight to the Czech Republic, our soon-to-be new home. I will be joining him shortly, just anxiously waiting for my visa to get approved.  

Ben and I have always, individually and now jointly, had the dream of living international. I'm incredibly proud of Ben for making that dream come true for both of us. He will be continuing to work for Amazon, but now in the Finance department. To get a head start on our adventures together, you can follow Ben's beginnings in Prague on Instagram || @iambenmeyer.  

I want to continually be honest with you all (y'all). To start, I've always been uncomfortable with change. Change has brought hardship and challenges for me, both physical and mental. But as I think about us moving overseas, I feel encouraged. This is a new and exciting feeling for me; in regard to change.    


After Ben called and said he got the position in Prague :) 

Cheers! Here's to trying new things and making change a little less hard, for me that is.