"I'm going to miss you now, alright" - The Tallest Man on Earth

Little moments from my autumn.

I absolutely LOVE this season. Fall has usually involved huge change or growth for me (going to college, getting married, moving, etc.). For instance, I'm currently waiting for my visa to get approved.

Beyond excited to join Ben in Prague <3 

Gent enjoyed his first pumpkin "carving". He was tickled every time he touched the slimy seeds and interested to go back for more. It's fun to watch him start to understand different textures and see his interest peak when he discovers something new. 

The fall garden that Ben and I started before he left, has started to flourish. The radishes were red and ready for harvest. I decided to pickle them and enjoy them are various dishes. SO GOOD. I added a combination of flavors to create a nice sweet and spicy taste. 

I have started to fill my days with little projects instead of anxiety while I wait to join Ben.

One evening walking around the backyard I noticed all the beautiful leaves and berries that filled the trees and bushes. In the mood and feeling festive, I decided I would put together a seasonal wreath. So I got my clippers and started snipping. 

My emotions have been lifted and spirit heightened. Thank you, fall. 

See you soon love. #Praguetobe