The Alps and a snowfall worth chasing

"All that I know, is you caught me at the right time" - Kacey Mucsgraves

A cold and cozy weekend through the German and Austrian countryside.


WOW. Wow. wow. The Alps are just something magical. As we set out on our wintry weekend trip, I didn’t realize how lucky we were going to get with the fresh snowfall.

The previous week we spent with our dear friends (Patrick, Lea and Cheyenne) in and out of various European cities. We started the trip off in Paris for a quick birthday weekend celebration. Then, both Patrick and Lea stuck around to come play in Prague for a few days, which is always cherished because we absolutely love showing off this crazy-incredible city we get to call home! While Prague was amazing, we still hungered for another quick trip before their travels came to a close. We decided on a drive through the Alps heading towards Munich.

And that we did!


Saturday morning we woke up early to start driving so we could of course fit in a couple stops along the way. We spent the morning around a few unique and wonderful UNESCO sights, Old Town Regensburg and Regensburg Cathedral, both equally charming.


Next, we ventured through the countryside stopping to watch locals cross-country ski, creeks ripple through stones trying hard not freeze, and churches making the most of their wonderful exterior by adding a nice blanket of snow. After an eventful afternoon we took a quick detour through Salzburg to pickup Lea from her travels through Cesky Krumlov, Hallstatt and Salzburg.


Now the gang was all back together and ready for a night nestled between the mountains!

Shortly after arriving to our airbnb, we all excitedly hopped back into the car to find some dinner. We quickly came across the most classic German hotel with a nice little restaurant ready to serve us all. The meal was good, the interior was great, and the company was superb!!!


That night we played cards and transported back to our silly and daring youths. We stayed up many, many, hours challenging the loser of the game to any of a number of things. We filled these hours with laughter and love. Thank you my dear friends and darling husband.

We woke up the next morning still a little giddy about the night’s events and excited to wake up beneath these glorious mountains. On the road again and headed to Munich we passed through the most picturesque villages and wintery country scenes. Although Munich was the end destination we knew that upon arrival we would all be parting, today was the final day together.


After a beautiful day of driving, we arrived in Munich to do a quick run through of the city but sadly to also drop our friends at the airport for their departures back home. Thank you incredible snowfall for the most marvelous few days. We miss you sweet friends already!


Coming home for the holidays!

"When loved ones are near
It's the most wonderful time of the year" - Andy Williams

We traveled back to the states for Christmas, and it was wonderful!

Our time at home with family and friends is always cherished. I flew in towards the early part of December and Ben arrived shortly after just in time for the main festivities. We usually try to switch from year to year which side of the family we will spend the majority of the holiday with…this year was a Berry Christmas.

After landing in DFW I hit the ground running with family visits, friend gatherings and lots of fun Christmas shopping. Dallas isn’t the most beautiful city, but it holds many things dear to me which gets my heart pounding with excitement. Coming home for the holidays always feels like the best Hallmark movie. For me, its the combination of joy and anxiety that creates the ultimate feeling of Christmas. My joy usually stems from conversations enveloped with love and laughter, and my anxiety awakens when my need to try and please kicks in. With that being said, I had the most marvelous time at home with these emotions at the forefront.

The first week back started with a visit from my sweet sister and nephew. I loved these days with them. Gent, our nephew who just turned two is extremely active, curious and loving. Which makes for amazingly entertaining and funny days. Gent is a charmer for sure, who can continually make anyone fall in love with him and his silly sayings.

The days leading up to Ben’s arrival were fast and delightful. My dad and I put up all the decorations we could find until the house was bursting with cheer just in time for Ben’s homecoming.

I picked Ben up at the airport the afternoon of the 21st. We went straight from the gate to a lovely dinner at my grandparents. After filling our bellies we headed home for a…long winters nap? The next few days were spent fulfilling Christmas traditions like making “Berry Chexmix”, decorating cookies, exploring local museums, fishing on Lake Lavon, and of course watching all the Christmas movies.


Christmas Eve and Christmas day were splendid!

After things calmed down, we got back to figuring out a plan to see Ben’s parents, fortunately one afternoon Ben and his father gathered ideas and made it happen. Next thing we knew we were flying out to Salt Lake City to visit many Meyers!

We stayed with Ben’s brother Sebastian and lovely wife Madison (my bff)!! We had the best trip, our days were filled by wondering around Utah with his parents, morning bird watching with enthusiast Sebastian, afternoons around the table at his grandparents and evenings playing games and telling stories. It was a spontaneous and pleasant trip.


Shortly after the Meyer family visit came to a close Ben found himself flying back to Europe to start back at work. Which he was eager to get back into his daily routine. For myself, I spent another week at home helping conclude the holidays by putting away the beloved decorations and making my last few rounds of visits.

I absolutely LOVED my visit home and adored the extra time I got to spend with my mom and dad towards the end of the trip.

I’ve arrived safely back in Prague and was joyfully reunited with my sweetheart <3

Weekends around Prague

"Let's take our time just moving slow" - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Prague has stolen our hearts, and we just keep peeking around every corner trying to find them! 


It's the perfect city for us. Filled with history, parks, incredible cuisine, arts, and now friends :) 

Most of these pictures are from our weekends in the winter. Which to be honest, I'm so glad we got to know Prague winter before summer (because WOW are they different but both in a fantastic way). 

Prague Blog 1-20.jpg

In the winter, we got to explore Prague without the hustle and bustle of tourists (I mean fewer tourists). The streets were less crowded, you could get a reservation at a restaurant the day of and last but not least you have plenty of wonderfully unique museums to visit in solitude. In the evenings you can catch yourself engulfed by the arts, whether its a cinema debut or an opera performance. No matter the type of performance everyone dresses to impress. There's just something special about running off the tram bundled for a blizzard to then enter the ballet where those surrounding you are in nothing but silky short dresses. People feel the need to respect the arts with fine clothes. It's fun and new to me. I love it. 

Ben is the best at filling a weekend with meaning. He understands the significance of time, and how we are only given a certain amount of day light, so we try and fill those hours of light with hours of exploration. 


I find myself constantly in awe of the beauty that is this city. From the architecture to the birds who call Prague home for every season, no need to fly south when the city is this welcoming.


Here's an overview of what a Saturday in Prague would look like for us:


  • Wake up (Usually Ben kissing my face to encourage the waking up process. Let's just say Ben's an early bird and I'm a night owl)

  • Run around Stromovka Park and or Ben's special Prague loop (through Letna Park, past the metronome, over the Valtava river, past Rudulfinom, over Charles Bridge, under the watch tower, up to the castle, through the castle gardens, back to Letna Park for the victory straightaway home.)

  • Quickly head to the local Farmers' Market to feast on Pesto Bread and Fresh Bakery (kolache, etc.)

  • Scope out Festivals or happenings within Prague

  • Follow along with #tasteofprague to find the new lunch spot

  • Venture off to a museum to slow the pace down a little (aka digest our lunch)

  • Grab a quick snack that we packed in our backpack that morning - This part of the day I tend to get a little anxious and angry without my needed snack.

  • Walk through a park we've never explored

  • Run to catch our tram to get home to quickly make dinner so we can then...

  • CATCH the new feature film at our favorite movie theatre Bio Oko

  • Head home with a husband and a heart that is surely satisfied

Lunch at the National Museum of Agriculture

Lunch at the National Museum of Agriculture

Local Prague Neighborhood Apartments

Local Prague Neighborhood Apartments

Naše Maso Wednesday Special

Naše Maso Wednesday Special

An amazing exhibition regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis at the National Gallery.

An amazing exhibition regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis at the National Gallery.

Cafe Jedna - One of my favorite cafes to visit and join in the swirling wave of productivity. Also, its fun because every season the cafe takes on a new exhibition. Everything changes, besides the plants and service which are always superb ;)

Cafe Jedna - One of my favorite cafes to visit and join in the swirling wave of productivity. Also, its fun because every season the cafe takes on a new exhibition. Everything changes, besides the plants and service which are always superb ;)


And sometimes the weekends end like this. Full and eventful days can be exhausting. Maybe this was one of those rare days I forgot to pack my snack :( 

We look forward to our weekends spent in Prague! 

Snowfall in the local park

"I wanna leave this house singing" - Will Reagan

Since I was a child I always loved seeing the snow fall to the ground, softly and slowly. 

We live, maybe, one-hundred meters from a BEAUTIFUL park, Stromovka. The park is layered with wildlife, ponds, bridges and countless dogs leading the way for their owners. We love strolling through this park and taking in the sights, especially when it's just been dusted with snow.  

Stromovka already holds multiple sweet-memories for us:

  • Waiting hours on a bench (with all we owned) for our apartment to be cleared

  • Winter morning runs that burn your throat

  • Nanny duties: walking round and round while the kids rest in the stroller

  • Feeding the swans and duck friends

  • Meeting/greeting every lovely pup that walks my way

  • Exploring and picture taking

  • Etc. ETc. ETC.

Anything with a beating heart immediately grabs my attention. I yearn for more time with animals in their natural habitat. As a kid I used to sit outside, for hours on end, just watching and waiting for anything to cross my path (or I would SURELY try to cross theirs). 

As the snow fell on this day, the birds began to dance and cheer while whistling through the bushes in front of me. It's like each bird would dare the other to brave the big falling flakes. Finally when one mustarded up the courage the crowd would erupt with applause. I loved what I saw. I loved what I heard.

Thanks little birds for reminding me to take on the "big falling flakes".  

Recess for children in Prague usually consists of piling on the layers and chasing after one another in the local park. The excitement and joy surely heightens when it has just snowed. 

Truly, frozen in time.

The final weeks of winter have been the best of the season; cold but sunny, and sometimes snowy!

After many months of cold-wet darkness, I can happily say we both are anticipating the arrival of spring. Wahoo!  My heart begins to flutter as I see the tulip bulbs spring up from the dirt.

Much love winter, Bensey <3   

Ps. See you soon spring :)  

Saturday Farmers' Market

"I'm happy as I am" - Men I Trust

Winter has come in full force to Prague (the sun is absolutely nowhere to be seen) and that means that our favorite Saturday morning routine of visiting one of Prague's many farmers' markets has gone on hiatus. The weekend markets take a break for a couple months to relieve the vendors/farmers from the frigid winter mornings and make sure they are prepared for when the frost is over and the sun can be seen again.

We find ourselves going to our local market at Kulatak and immediately get in the long line for what I think is the best kolache, kremole, buchty (pictured above) in town baked by Cukrarstvi Karlovy Vary. Now Czechs aren't crazy about the cookie or brownie but prefer a flaky pastry and sweet bread that is usually packed with a poppy seed or milk curd filling. No complaints here. 

Even with our extremely limited Czech speaking skills, we find that people appreciate us trying to  say, "Dva, prosím" correctly while pointing to some heavenly looking pastry and fumbling with our Czech Korunas. We are learning Czech very slowly as there are very few similarities between the Slavic and Germanic language structures, but we're doing our best and sticking with what we know best, ordering food, "Já si dám polévkou, prosím."


Now after we have had our sweet breakfast we head to the green grocers where they show off their huge leeks, potatoes, apples, cabbages, turnips, peppers, and whatever other hardy winter fruits & vegetables make it through the frosts.

Farmers Market-10.jpg
Farmers Market-11.jpg

We try to get to the market early in the morning so that we can see what the locals buy (equipped with dog and wicker baskets in hand) and where the biggest lines are before the tourists come. Who knew that the pickup truck with hundreds of eggs for sale, the mini dairy van, or the sausage tent were crowd favorites?

Farmers Market-5.jpg

One of Kensey's favorite stops is a seafood tent that carries octopus, eel, tuna, or anything else you can imagine brought from the Baltic Sea or Dalmatian Coast right to the center of Prague. It's been such a fun adventure to experience all of these new tastes and smells that are so unique to this part of the world.

Farmers Market-9.jpg
Farmers Market-15.jpg


Farmers Market-21.jpg

@pdbenko came for a visit.

"Just think of the fun things we can do" - Taylor Swift

My forever friend, Patrick, called me a few weeks back and said within the week he was going to fly to Prague for a visit with Bensey.

My response, "YESSSSS!! Stay for the year."

He then went on and explained a sudden change with his job, which would give him a week or so to come visit. WOW. Immediately, I started to plan our week and how I should showoff this crazy-beautiful city we now call home.   

I must say the visit was exactly what we both needed; a little rejuvenation. Our time was filled with lots of laughter and lots of cafes. 

Patrick and I met while attending middle school, we were on the cross-country team together. As a unit we were both unsure and giddy about life and all its happenings. That statement still remains true today.  


During his visit, we spent most afternoons in cafes sipping something and doodling on something else. Except, one evening we decided to take/get *glamour* shots in-and-around the area where Ben and I have settled.    

My wonderful friend, thank you for your visit and the 147 times we were caught sprinting in hopes of catching the tram. Cheers to more cafe lounging and laughing. Bensey dearly misses you. Forever grateful for this lasting friendship.

BBC Live,

Kens <3  

Prague, Finally

"It's a damn good reason for a change of season" - Dr. Dog

FInal 1-1.jpg

Hi, Ben here. I have been digesting Prague, Central European culture, and many sausages these past two months alone while Kensey has been waiting for her visa. She finally has made it over and we couldn't be happier to be together. 

These couple of months alone have been special in so many ways with many challenges but far more rewards. I have started my new position as a financial analyst at an Amazon building in Prague which includes frequent trips to other Amazon buildings in Central Europe (I don't recommend going to Bratislava every other week). This new role has been exactly what I've been wanting and am learning more about Excel and Slavic straightforwardness everyday.

Prague is a true medieval city. Home to the biggest castle in the world, textbook Gothic cathedrals, and an extremely surprising food scene (definitely more on this in future posts), Prague has not one boring corner. I know that Kensey and I will have an amazing time here and will continue to update through the blog. I don't know exactly how these posts will work but I know that we want to keep producing them as a way to preserve our memories and share what we're doing with family.


"I'm going to miss you now, alright" - The Tallest Man on Earth

Little moments from my autumn.

I absolutely LOVE this season. Fall has usually involved huge change or growth for me (going to college, getting married, moving, etc.). For instance, I'm currently waiting for my visa to get approved.

Beyond excited to join Ben in Prague <3 

Gent enjoyed his first pumpkin "carving". He was tickled every time he touched the slimy seeds and interested to go back for more. It's fun to watch him start to understand different textures and see his interest peak when he discovers something new. 

The fall garden that Ben and I started before he left, has started to flourish. The radishes were red and ready for harvest. I decided to pickle them and enjoy them are various dishes. SO GOOD. I added a combination of flavors to create a nice sweet and spicy taste. 

I have started to fill my days with little projects instead of anxiety while I wait to join Ben.

One evening walking around the backyard I noticed all the beautiful leaves and berries that filled the trees and bushes. In the mood and feeling festive, I decided I would put together a seasonal wreath. So I got my clippers and started snipping. 

My emotions have been lifted and spirit heightened. Thank you, fall. 

See you soon love. #Praguetobe

"Follow the yellow brick road" - The Wizard of Oz

A weekend spent celebrating the changing of seasons.

The family decided to travel down to the Dallas Arboretum for the annual pumpkin displays. This years theme was "The Wizard of Oz".  Over 120,000 festive fall plants and over 90,000 pumpkins and squashes and gourds (OH MY).

Gent loved crawling around the exhibits and touching every little and large pumpkin. It's fun to see the excitement behind his eyes when he discovers something new, like the feeling of crunchy hay on his soft-barefeet. 

We all enjoyed the beauty and effort put into the many, many displays. 

Happy Fall Y'all. 

"Yeah the sun so hot upon my side, Oh lookin' out at this happiness" - Ben Howard

I love plants.

I don't have a green thumb. Luckily, both the plants and I know that so we try our best to each give a little more.

Before Ben left for Prague we decided to plant a few fall veggies. My mornings and afternoons are now spent watching all things travel in-and-out of this lush greenish garden. As I watch these little seeds grow into beautifully-strong plants, I begin to learn more about my personal season of growth as well. 

I always loved laying under this tree as a kid.


The seasons are changing and so is my heart.

Can't wait to get to Prague with my love. Change is coming <3

"B - A - B - Y, baby" - Carla Thomas

Spent the weekend with The Block's! 

Captured a few pictures of our cutie little nephew, Gent Rawling Block.

Honestly, being able to spend time with Gent, at this sweet age, has been a real silver lining amongst all this visa anticipation. Time with Taylor and Brad is always great too! Happy two years of marriage.

We all loved the last evening together on the lake watching the sunset over Oklahoma City. 

Enjoyed the visit! See ya soon?!

"Sweet baby, you got the sweetest kisses alive" - The Walters

I want to share some of the little things that went into our wedding!!  

Like the details and decorations.

Weddings can be extremely exciting and extremely exhausting to plan. If, I didn't have Ben's mom, Janet, as basically my all-star wedding planner, organizer and saint, and also my sweet-and-tiny mom dealing with the crazy emotions, details and dress I would've been a littttttttle lost.    

Throughout my childhood (college years), I didn't really have this dream wedding in mind. More just me envisioning my husband and I playing with our kids, on our farm, with the dogs, in Connecticut, behind this beautifully-gross old barn that held toys, trinkets and animals galore (to be specific). That was always the dream. Not my wedding day.

Although, as Ben and I started talking about the idea of marriage I got more enthusiastic about the planning side. I wanted the wedding to describe us. Ultimately, I aspired to touch and create everything that was sent in the mail, devise or develop all that was displayed at the wedding and have all those who attended feel loved and appreciated. Those were my BIG goals. 

Shortly after we got engaged, Ben and I went back to Utah for an engagement shoot. Big thanks to Margo, Trevor and Alex for brilliantly crafting and art directing the most beautiful scene.

Some of my favs from the day. 

Ben and Kensey High Res -000036310019.jpg
Ben and Kensey High Res -805.jpg


Next, we needed to send out "Save The Date" announcements.

Ben thought of a terrific idea for the design. He wanted clean and crisp. He said, "Kens stand on a chair next to that calendar, point to the date of the wedding and that'll be it." We put that final image on a postcard and off it went. 

Then, it was all about finding inspiration for the day: like customizing the wedding invite and finding the dress. 

Most of our inspiration was found through Pinterest and various magazines. Margo created an inspiration image with our favorite picture and colors. This small image became the center for the overall theme. Big thanks, Margo!

Janet kept very busy with all the finer specifics. Like creating a user-friendly guest checklist, calling around for chairs, visiting florists, arranging help, finding a pianist, growing plants for the reception, scouring the internet for unique ideas; the list goes on and on. What an amazing help she was! 

Paul was a huge help with finding and booking catering. The man knows good food. We went with Indian (Bensey's first date was at the Indian Palace). YUM! 

A few things, I wanted to spend time designing were our invitations as well as my wedding dress. In my head, I had the perfect image for both. 

For the invite, we wanted it to embody the feel of our wedding. So, when you opened it up you could immediately understand the theme. Side note, I always loved when things came pouring out of wedding invites, and with that in mind I began constructing ours.

First, watercolor. Lil shoutout, my great friend Kaylee inspired me to start painting (watercolor specific). She's incredible. I'm ok. But no matter the result, the process is rewarding.


Next, the formal invitation. Plus, envelope.


Finally, the packaging. 


The next big to-do was finding / designing my wedding dress. I always kinda thought it would be cool to have a wedding dress of my own, no clones. Ultimately, I wanted to piece together all the minor details from weddings dresses I loved, and make the dream dress. By this point, I had waaay too many ideas. And with that being said, I started to dislike everything I tried on.

Even tried my moms wedding dress as an option. Love &lt;3

Even tried my moms wedding dress as an option. Love <3

About a month from the wedding I still had no dress. My dad decided it was his turn to come with me to look at options. On this trip we found a "pageant gown" that we thought would work for the bottom half of my dress. We bought it.

Yikes. Forgot about this beauty. Talking my dad through the idea of chopping the dress in half. 

Now that I had the bottom, I needed to find the top.    

Later that week, my mom and I went in search of the top. We found it. I didn't really like it that much, but my mom insisted that we buy it. THANK GOODNESS FOR MOMS! It was the perfect match.

Made a few changes, along with opening the back. I loved the idea of having a long necklace follow down my spine.&nbsp;

Made a few changes, along with opening the back. I loved the idea of having a long necklace follow down my spine. 

I originally wanted something very very formal and sleek. This was definitely not the original vision. But I loved the new version with my whole heart. And had a feeling Ben would too. 

After the dress was perfected, we all started back on the finishing quirks.

Pics from the month before the wedding. 

Ben started work with over the summer. He lived in Los Angeles during our engagement.&nbsp;&nbsp;

Ben started work with over the summer. He lived in Los Angeles during our engagement.  

Present for the Matron of Honor (my lovely sis).

Present for the Matron of Honor (my lovely sis).

Ben filled his weekends with beautiful adventures &lt;3

Ben filled his weekends with beautiful adventures <3

Lil gifts for bridesmaids.

Lil gifts for bridesmaids.

Made my mom try on dresses too. Love her SO much!&nbsp;

Made my mom try on dresses too. Love her SO much! 

My dad and I built shadow boxes for my pic wall.&nbsp;

My dad and I built shadow boxes for my pic wall. 

A trip to Colorado. Discussing flower placement for the wedding.&nbsp;

A trip to Colorado. Discussing flower placement for the wedding. 

Our apartment in Pomona, CA. Ben's home then, but soon to be ours :)

Our apartment in Pomona, CA. Ben's home then, but soon to be ours :)

The best help. Roxy girl.

The best help. Roxy girl.

Bridal shower treats. Thrown by my best friends moms!&nbsp;

Bridal shower treats. Thrown by my best friends moms! 

Had to shockingly put down our family dog.&nbsp;&nbsp;

Had to shockingly put down our family dog.  

First house warming gift. Thx Nicole &lt;3

First house warming gift. Thx Nicole <3

Ben's SVC concert.&nbsp;

Ben's SVC concert. 

My mom went far and wide to find an assorted amount of candlestick holders for the center of tables. Thrifty!

My mom went far and wide to find an assorted amount of candlestick holders for the center of tables. Thrifty!

When all the planning came to a close I felt that I had stayed true to my initial ambitions. Planning was a little bit of every emotion.

At this point, I was anxious to see Ben. My sweet, gentle and caring fiancé.

"I'll be the man, the man of your dreams if you say yes and be the woman I need" - The Walters

It's almost been a year of marriage for Bensey <3 

I love this man more and more everyday. As we both continue to grow with one another we see how brilliant marriage truly is. 

First, I want to tell the story about how Ben proposed. Guys it hilarious, but also tender on the heart. 

July 12, 2016 || Salt Lake City, Utah  

July 12, 2016 || 3:30pm || Driving to Salt Lake City to spend the evening at Margo and Andrew's place. 

Skipping to 30 minutes before the proposal.

10:15pm || As we were passing Liberty Park Ben asked if he could quickly pause the wonderful evening and go to a PokeStop (Google Pokemon Go Terms). I simply say no. He then asked again and again. I personally thought it would be a bad end to a great day. Finally, he just pulls over, grabs my hand and leads me out the door towards the park. Ben has his phone out and is catching everything. As we began walking up a hill I hear people coming at us talking about candles under this pergola. I immediately thought, "ok people are little bizarre about Pokemon Go". At the top of the hill we looked down to see probably 40 people at this PokeStop. Ben is pulling me at this point to keep walking with him. We get to a bridge, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see someone reaching for his pocket! I honestly, 100%, thought a Poke person was trying to steal his wallet. But no, it was Margo with the ring. She quickly slipped him the ring, and then I knew. I started to cry, lots. 

As Ben lead me towards the scattered candles I began to realize my reality. Benjamin Paul Meyer was soon to be my fiancé. I had known the answer to his question for quite some time. Yes.

Ben knelt in front of me and, merely reflected on our time together, talked about the future he wanted to share and asked for my hand in marriage. Again the answer was a simple, yes <3

As soon as he jumped up to kiss me Pokemon people started to cheer, and Margo ran in for hugs. What a wonderfully weird proposal. He wanted it to be a surprise, and that it was. 

My emotions were shot. I was over-thrilled to be engaged to my best friend. But something was off, and Ben could tell. I was a little shaken, because I went from being frustrated with him, to oh so happy to be engaged to him. In my head, I always thought of a proposal with just the two of us, alone. No Pokemon audience.

When we got back into the car Ben leaned over and kissed me. He pushed back the front seat and tried his hardest to kneel. As he proposed again, scrunched up on the floor of the CR-V I feel completely and utterly in love with him again. He knew this was the intimate moment I had imagined. We sat there teary eyed and tickled.


The two proposal stories that I love so much <3   


"Change is hard, I should know" - She & Him

Things are changing, so I thought I would start sharing moments from our past, present and future.

First, Bensey is moving to Prague. 

Ben just boarded his flight to the Czech Republic, our soon-to-be new home. I will be joining him shortly, just anxiously waiting for my visa to get approved.  

Ben and I have always, individually and now jointly, had the dream of living international. I'm incredibly proud of Ben for making that dream come true for both of us. He will be continuing to work for Amazon, but now in the Finance department. To get a head start on our adventures together, you can follow Ben's beginnings in Prague on Instagram || @iambenmeyer.  

I want to continually be honest with you all (y'all). To start, I've always been uncomfortable with change. Change has brought hardship and challenges for me, both physical and mental. But as I think about us moving overseas, I feel encouraged. This is a new and exciting feeling for me; in regard to change.    


After Ben called and said he got the position in Prague :) 

Cheers! Here's to trying new things and making change a little less hard, for me that is.