Farmer's Market

If you are lucky enough to be in Prague on a Saturday then please promise us to fill your early morning hours at the any local farmer’s market, we will list our favorites at the bottom! A visit to a farmer’s market has easily become a staple of our weekend and who can resist a homemade, custardy, sugar glazed, cream filled donut (Věneček) for breakfast?? Prague is filled with many marvelous sights and activities, but the farmers market is where you get to experience it all at once.

No matter the location make sure you scout out one very special treat, a KOLACHE!

View our Blog Post about our weekend at the market and what we like to get.

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Our favorite treats:

  • Kolache + Others from (INSERT TENT)

  • Pesto Toast

  • Apple Juice and or Cider

  • Always flowers

  • Always produce!

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